Lower Your Utility Costs

Berkshire Power supplies electricity, heat and cooling right on site to reduce your utility expenses. Our utility grade combined heat and power (CHP) systems produce a highly secure source of electricity simultaneously capitalizing on the system’s heat to produce additional heating/cooling savings for our customers. All with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for you.

Protect Against Power Outages and Shortages

Berkshire Power protects its customers against power outages and power shortages which may be caused by inclement weather or simply an over-worked power Grid. Our on-site power generation ensures a reliable supply of electricity, protecting customers from bothersome and costly power losses.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Berkshire Power’s environmental footprint is equally as important as its energy efficiency. We produce and deliver both electricity and heat to customers at twice the efficiency of centralized power plants. Our utility-grade CHP plants operate at rates of up to 85% efficiency, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.