On-site Power Generation Reduces Cost, Risk, and Harmful Emissions

Berkshire Power provides low cost, reliable power generation on-site.

Rapidly Rising Costs of Electricity Production and Distribution in Ontario

As the Province of Ontario continues to grow, demand for electricity and stresses on power distribution infrastructure have increased dramatically.

Further compounding these supply side pressures, the Province of Ontario is now confronted by inadequate power supply during peak demand periods (typically during weekday afternoons). These spikes in electricity demand, coupled with the Grid’s inability to store electricity, require either immensely expensive peak power generation facilities (which otherwise sit idle) or the importation of electricity from out of province, resulting in significant spikes in the price paid for electricity during these peak demand periods.

Electricity supplied by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Province’s Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) has seen and is expected to continue to see substantial price increases because:

Provincial Power Conservation Programs and “Behind-the-Meter” Power

Ontario’s public utilities, compelled to seek alternative solutions to building additional power generation capacity to meet rising demand, have established a “behind-the-meter” power generation program.  Individual buildings may now generate electricity on-site for their own use, thereby reducing demands on public power generation and distribution.

Provincial conservation programs are intended to improve use of available electricity supply and to enhance security of supply:

The Berkshire Power Approach™

Berkshire Power enables property owners to participate in Behind-the-Meter power generation without the capital outlay to our customers. We install utility-grade power generating equipment directly on premises. Our customers only pay for the energy (electricity and heat) consumed on site.

Primary Benefits of the Berkshire Power Approach™: